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2- Copyright Infringement on the Site:

The content of the arkeonews.net site is created by a large number of authors who work alternately and alternately. There are also comments that site users add to these articles.

The legality of all this content is audited as much as possible by the site management. However, it may not be possible to audit the entire content and in a short time, or there may be situations that are overlooked. For this reason, our site has adopted the “warn / remove” method.

If you think that your copyright or any personal right has been infringed on a content on our site; You can report the situation to the site administration from the contact page of the site or our e-mail and telephone information on our contact page. If, after investigation, a violation of rights is found, the relevant content will be removed immediately.

3- Unauthorized Use of Content on This Site:

The content of the arkeonews.net site is prepared by the authors of the site. In the event that the written or visual content on the site is copied or used in any way without permission, legal action is initiated in accordance with the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846.

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